From sheep to product

We can provide you with any swedish wool fiber you need for your products, from rare heritage breeds to crossbreeds. From the softest fibers for lace knitted shawls to durable carpets or wool for padding. There will also be some wool for crop covering.

We have a large network all over Sweden containing sheep farmers, shearers and processors. We can help you find raw wool, beautiful locks, batts and yarn for felting, knitting, crocheting and weaving.

All work with the wool begins with the farmer and their sheep. A professional and experienced sheep farmer who sees the best interest for their animals will also be able to offer a high quality wool. We have good contact with both Sweden's largest and Sweden's smallest sheep farmers. We can convey everything from 1 kg to several tons of high-quality wool. Just send us an e-mail for more information.

Picture: Tomas Olsson at Norrby Gård, here with his dog Jean, is one of Swedens most experiensed and professional sheep farmers.

Elin Esperi shearing a Gestrike sheep

A professional sheep shearer can make a big difference in how useful a fiber can get. The Swedish wool broker has many professional sheep shearers in my network. We can provide you with a fiber sheared by Sweden's very best sheep shearers. Just send us an E-mail for more information. 

Picture: Elin Esperi is one of Swedens best sheep shearers. Here she shears the Gestrike ram Yatzy, also called Bananen.

Fresh spun Jämtlands wool

The step after sheep shearing is sorting and classifying the wool. On many farms it is done directly by the farmer himself. If you want professionally sorted wool, there is the opportunity to get help and then we can warmly recommend Linnea Eklund at the company LE Ullkonsult.

Photo taken by Einar de Wit at a sheep shearing event at Fårfesten i Kil 2020.

There are many ways to refine Swedish wool into fantastic quality products! After washing and carding, the fiber can become both yarn and felt all depending on what the end product will be. Only the imagination sets limits. The right fiber for the right product is the key to success.

Do not hesitate to contact us and we will help you find the best processors for your product!